Mark Crowhurst

Head of Trading

Mark Crowhurst is the Head of Trading for Challis Investment Partners. Prior to joining Challis Investment Partners, Mark undertook a brief stint in Robotics Engineering before working at Deutsche Bank in the FICC (Global Markets) division.


Joining the Dollar Bloc Fixed Income, Credit and Economics Team at Deutsche Bank, Mark began in financial markets covering a wide breadth of markets which gives him the understanding of the mechanics and driving forces behind a wide range of products. In addition to building his knowledge of financial markets, Mark wrote automation software to assist in the smooth operation of the team. Building an initial understanding with a wide foot print allowed Mark to better transition into a trading role given the suite of product with which he had dealt.


Whilst working on the research team, Mark spent part of his time working with Deutsche Bank’s Cross Asset Trading team, writing pricing algorithms and automation software to assist in the profitable operation of this unique team. This gave Mark exposure to the thought processes and requirements of a price-taking team as opposed to a price-making team which further helped to develop his knowledge base.


Mark then began as a Quant on the AUD Fixed Income Trading Team where he continued to build pricing algorithms and automation software. Mark soon began trading as the assistant trader on the AUD Cross-Currency Swap book where he learnt more about risk management and market analysis. Mark was subsequently moved to be head trader on the AUD Interest Rate Swaps book which was his final role at Deutsche Bank.


Mark holds Masters of Commerce (Applied Finance), Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Management) degrees from the University of Adelaide.


T: 02 8315 8351
M: 0439 872 305


Mark Crowhurst